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Race Talk: ‘Ghost in the Shell’ update

It looks like "Ghost in the Shell" is a box office bomb and will cost Paramount a huge amount of money. What a surprise, right? I guess all of the backlash and controversy over the casting, not to mention the complete and... Continue Reading →


Race Talk: ‘Who’s Your Token Asian?’

I've always loved those flowchart-style personality quizzes that you see in magazines, so imagine my joy when I stumbled across the most relatable personality quiz ever for girls of Asian descent living in a Western society. Stocked with all your... Continue Reading →

Race Talk: Proving Steve Harvey Wrong

Steve Harvey has made many mistakes in his life. While what happened at the infamous 2016 Miss Universe Pageant was understandable and ultimately human (take a look at the 2017 Academy Awards), the series of jokes he told on his show... Continue Reading →

Race Talk: ‘Get Out’ is perfect response to claims of ‘post-racial’ America

I am definitely not a horror movie fan, so even after hearing so much praise for "Get Out," it took me a long time to actually watch it. The film was written, produced, and directed by comedian Jordan Peele, and... Continue Reading →

Race Talk: Thanking Matt Damon for being Asian

Check out this Buzzfeed article in which people tweeted their thanks to Matt Damon for being Asian. The backlash stems from Damon's role as the apparent "white hero" saving ancient China in "The Great Wall"--another instance of whitewashing in Hollywood. #ThankYouMattDamon... Continue Reading →

Race Talk: ‘Ghost in the Shell’ PSA

Check out this short film that shows the effects of whitewashing on young Asian-Americans. Young people of color deserve positive role models to look up to, and any roles for Asian women are few and far between...

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