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Firecracker: 13 reasons why Michele Selene Ang’s shirt is important

"13 Reasons Why" star Michele Selene Ang is trending for wearing a shirt, which reads "Scarlett & Emma & Tilda & Matt." Here are 13 reasons why this shirt is important" Selene's shirt serves as reminder of Hollywood's whitewashing: Scarlett... Continue Reading →


Firecracker: Anna Akana is a trailblazer for Asian Americans in entertainment

We all know the few who have managed to edge a foot in the door of the mainstream media: Margaret Cho, John Cho, Lucy Liu; they've done an amazing job of proving that Asian Americans deserve a place in this... Continue Reading →

Firecracker: ‘Switched at Birth’ new season addresses race issues on campus

Especially in the current political climate, people are often afraid to say anything that means something. They don't want to be controversial; they need to make sure that they don't drive anyone away in fear of hurting sales. But trying... Continue Reading →

Firecracker: ‘Power Rangers’ reboot tells a new generation that anyone can be a hero For many people in my generation, the original "Power Rangers" television series was an important part of their childhood. Not only was it an exciting show that told kids that they could be superheroes, but it also was the... Continue Reading →

Firecrackers: Brie Larson Refusing to Applaud Casey Affleck at the Oscars & Constance Wu’s Tweets

On a night known mostly for the giant Steve Harvey-worthy snafu at the Oscars, a brief but critical moment flew under the radar: Firecracker Brie Larson's subdued reaction as she announced Casey Affleck as the Best Actor for his role... Continue Reading →

Firecracker: Disney Channel’s latest show, “Andi Mack”

        This week's Firecracker is the cast and crew of Disney Channel's newest show, "Andi Mack." From the creator of "Lizzie McGuire" and the producer of classic hits like "Clueless," "The Breakfast Club," and "Titanic," "Andi Mack"... Continue Reading →

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