We are 2 Asian girls who send texts to each other out of the blue about anything and everything–this blog is dedicated to capturing our conversations and engaging the world in what we feel passionate about. Check out our different categories:

Firecrackers is dedicated to celebrating the brilliant minds we admire for making their voices heard.

Race Talk features our thoughts on racism and more specifically, Asian American topics.

Privilege Check is our way of calling out people’s BS and our reminder that humanity consists of people from all walks of life–both people who are similar to us and people who are different than us.

Creation Nation showcases original work and amazing projects that demonstrate representation, originality, and equality.



Our bios:

Rachel Yuan: Not only is she a talented visual artist/jewelry maker, fantastic leader and planner who takes initiative, and the smartest scholar around, but also my dear best friend. She accomplishes everything she does with an abundance of joy, optimism, love, and hope. Her passion for life includes the desire to fight for those without a voice, a fierce, Mama Bear spirit I very much admire. Suffice to say, I adore her: the Bucky Barnes to my Steve Rogers. ~ Cassandra

Cassandra Hsiao: Star Reporter. Best Friend in the World. #1 Chris Evans Fan. Cassandra, an accomplished reporter and film critic, manages to shine brighter than all of the stars she interviews. Her writing is award-winning, but most importantly, her words move people. She is a leader who doesn’t take no for an answer, and is relentless in everything she pursues. If you’re ever facing an injustice, she is the one to stand up and fight for you. If you’re ever feeling lost, she is there with the best advice. And if you’re ever sad, she has a Chris Evans gif ready to cheer you up. Obviously, I couldn’t ask for a better Steve Rogers to my Bucky Barnes. ~ Rachel