I’ve always loved those flowchart-style personality quizzes that you see in magazines, so imagine my joy when I stumbled across the most relatable personality quiz ever for girls of Asian descent living in a Western society.

Stocked with all your favorite underappreciated female Asian characters, everyone can find a trope to relate to (even the Scarlett Johansson’s of the world have a category). I am your classic Asian sidekick, aka the unfortunately undervalued Kira Yukimura of “Teen Wolf,” and Cassandra is a badass Non-conformist like Brook Soso on “Orange is the New Black.”

Read the Buzzfeed article about the artist, Joy Li, here.

Buy this print, and 2 others in the “Living as an Asian Girl” series, here.

Comment below what token Asian you are (or how you defy the Asian stereotypes portrayed in the media).