For many people in my generation, the original “Power Rangers” television series was an important part of their childhood. Not only was it an exciting show that told kids that they could be superheroes, but it also was the first show that allowed many people of color to see themselves on-screen in a hero role.

The upcoming movie remake continues the tradition set by the original series, and takes it a few steps further. For those of you that are counting, 2 out of 5 of the Rangers are girls, 2/5 are Asian, 1 is black, and 1 is Latina, making 4 of the 5 people of color (!!!). As exciting as that is, representing women and different races has actually been something that the franchise has already done well. But new layers added in this reboot include Trini the Yellow Ranger questioning her sexuality, and Billy the Blue Ranger revealing his autism.

This movie is a reminder to all that have seen the series before, and a new message to a younger generation, that anyone can be a superhero. We all want to see ourselves as heroes, so hopefully the trend of new and diverse superhero stories will continue to the point where it won’t be surprising news when a superhero story isn’t about a straight, white male.

For more information about the bold choices “Power Rangers” takes in inclusive representation, check out this article.


Cassandra and I saw the movie and it was an amazingly over-the-top action movie and so fun to watch. Another reason for everyone to see it is so it’ll get a sequel, which will make us happy.