Steve Harvey has made many mistakes in his life. While what happened at the infamous 2016 Miss Universe Pageant was understandable and ultimately human (take a look at the 2017 Academy Awards), the series of jokes he told on his show about “unattractive” Asian men was not.

Read here for a thoughtful opinion piece that recaps the situation by Rebecca Sun of the Hollywood Reporter.

Harvey thought the idea of Asian men being attractive was hilarious–fodder for not one joke but many. In fact, he laughed at his own punchlines. Later, he shared an apology on Twitter:

“I offer my humblest apology for offending anyone, particularly those in the Asian community, last week. It was not my intention and the humor was not meant with any malice or disrespect whatsoever.”

It was too late–the backlash had begun. However, in this case it was a celebration of Asian men, with users tweeting out pictures of shirtless, attractive, muscular Asian men. Buzzfeed compiled a stunning list you can find here.

Of course, I had to tweet out my appreciation of attractive Asian men to Harvey–my brother, the dashingly good-looking heartthrob of his freshman class, and dare I say, of the entire high school. Enjoy pictures of my brother, who I hope will grow up never once doubting his attractiveness.

~ Yours truly, Cassandra