On a night known mostly for the giant Steve Harvey-worthy snafu at the Oscars, a brief but critical moment flew under the radar: Firecracker Brie Larson’s subdued reaction as she announced Casey Affleck as the Best Actor for his role in “Manchester by the Sea.”

Earlier this year, actress Constance Wu (another Firecracker who greatly inspires us) tweeted out her protest against Affleck’s Oscar nomination, starting media investigation of Affleck’s past (but not nearly enough). Here are some of her tweets below:


Larson, who won Best Actress for her role as a sexual assault survivor in the movie “Room,” was presenting Best Actor at this year’s Oscars. As an outspoken feminist and human rights activist, she refused to applaud Affleck when he won, a sign of standing up for the two women who accused Affleck of sexual harassment on the set of “I’m Still Here.” Recently, she was asked about her reaction that fateful night. Her response was simple:

“I think that whatever it was that I did onstage kind of spoke for itself,” she told Vanity Fair. “I’ve said all that I need to say about that topic.”

We, in turn, applaud Larson and Wu for making their thoughts heard, whether through actions or words.