Check out this short film that shows the effects of whitewashing on young Asian-Americans.

Young people of color deserve positive role models to look up to, and any roles for Asian women are few and far between. We have been forced to relate to white, male characters for so long, and even the amazing opportunity of an Asian lead ends up being given to a white woman.

It may seem superficial, but these media portrayals are damaging. It tells young people of color that their stories don’t deserve to be told and that whiteness is a necessary component of a hero or compelling character.

The argument about marketability doesn’t cut it anymore. Money doesn’t justify the damaging erasure of Asian-Americans in media, and we’re coming to a point where whitewashing is hurting studios’ bottom line. Just look at the abysmal box office for movies like “Gods of Egypt” and “Great Wall,” which lost viewers over their whitewashing controversy.

Hopefully, after this situation studios will finally see the mistake in whitewashing their films and “Ghost in the Shell” will be the last movie that has such a blatant disregard for Asian-American representation (but probably not).